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iStart magazine – Industrial IT | Quarter One 2015

March 18, 2015
It is the nature of humankind to continually push the boundaries, explore uncharted waters and unlock possibility with new discoveries. There are some discoveries and inventions that have such enormous repercussions that they literally reshape society and business as we know it. Today we are living through one such revolutionary phase: the digital age, where the physical and digital intersect on almost every level, and where businesses that do not take a digital-first approach are sliding ever behind. This issue explores this groundswell through the lens of the engineering, construction and manufacturing industries. [View emag]
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iStart magazine – IT skills – a chequered landscape | Quarter Four 2014

December 15, 2014
Over the last several months we’ve been walking a mile in your shoes as we develop our new website. I’m sure we’ve encountered many of the same frustrations as you do in your IT projects, but it’s certainly been worth it as we’re getting ready to launch the new and improved iStart online, complete with responsive design so you can read up on the latest industry research, opinions and news on any device you choose...[View emag]
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iStart magazine – The data economy | Quarter Three 2014

August 1, 2014
I am an unrepentant fan of the internet of things. Day-ta (or dar-tah, however you may pronounce it), is flooding the world by the petabyte and actually becoming useful thanks to the connectivity of things, the data they collect and ubiquitous cloud computing. This wealth of connected ones and zeros is making our lives easier and safer and is uniting us as a global civilization. It even allows me to tune in and check on my dog (or cat, guinea pig…babysitter…) if she is home alone... [View emag]
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iStart magazine – The voice of the customer | Quarter Two 2014

May 1, 2014
The customer is king. Yes, it sounds clichéd but it’s the truth, and the common theme that ran through the conversations behind this issue. And yet many companies still haven’t learnt the lesson. They are stuck in the industrial age, where the supplier-customer conversation is a one way product push. But technology has transformed that conversation and customers are making it clear that they want to make a connection and feel appreciated by the companies they purchase from. They want you to understand them, and if you manage to do that, they will fall in love with your company. If you are savvy you will want to give them the tools and opportunity to do so. If you get it right, they will be your biggest advocate...[View emag]
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iStart magazine – The agents of change | Quarter One 2014

February 1, 2014
Several things have happened as I prepare to go to print with this issue which have reconfirmed my belief that technology is an agent of change. Deloitte has just forecast that 10 million wearable computers will be sold this year. The report also says that this will be the year when wearable technology starts to percolate through to the enterprise. As if to prove the clever people at Deloitte right, Westpac New Zealand almost simultaneously announced that it will trial its award winning Cash Tank app on Google Glass this month. [View emag]
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Webinar: Technology Strategies To Drive Digital Business Transformation

June 2, 2016
This webinar provides insights for technology leaders wanting to understand how they can help their companies transform into digital businesses...
Epicor lunchbox

Lunch Box: CFO Decisions – Instinct vs Insights

December 3, 2015
This recorded webinar provides professional CFO decision management tips...
iStart_STM Bags

Lunch Box: Embracing disruption

October 29, 2015
Disruption and digital transformation have been getting a lot of attention lately...
Software planning

Lunch Box: CFO insights on selecting software to create an agile business

May 29, 2015
A guide to increase success and reduce risk...

Lunch Box: ERP expert roundtable

October 29, 2014
ERP Insights Roundtable - Selection and Implementation Advice from Industry Experts
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Next iStart Prodcast webinar: To be confirmed

ERP experience

Prodcast: Epicor ERP – A modern ERP experience

September 3, 2015
Get a peek at what the latest business software can enable...
Epicor v10

Prodcast: Epicor ERP version 10

July 2, 2014
Advanced collaboration and mobility in ERP...

Prodcast: Greentree 3D Live demo

September 17, 2013
This ProdCast covers the recent release of the 3D Live product from Greentree.
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View iStart’s latest video case studies online.

Southern Spars_Xen Zambas

Video: Hoisting the Mainsail with Southern Spars

September 4, 2016
Southern Spars leverages Epicor ERP for critical business decisions…
Andrew McGee

Video: Australian Finance Group Curbs Costs with Documents Cloud

August 12, 2015
Australian Finance Group (AFG) is Australia’s largest mortgage broking group, who have recently migrated their on-premise document management system into the cloud...
nz and australia cricket teams

Video: SAP Business One delivers simplicity for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

March 26, 2015
Learn how the local organising committee is managing one of the world's most popular tournaments across two countries and three currencies with the support of SAP Business One...
Epicor Mattec MES

Video: Epicor Mattec MES – Making businesses fit, fast and flexible

March 26, 2015
Discover how an MES system can increase your business’ ability to respond to change...
GSS Humanetics

Video: Humanetics precision metal works

October 31, 2014
If engineering is your thing, this video shows how Global Shop's intergrated ERP solution is supporting the job shop at Humanetics...
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