Epicor ERP manufacturing software at C-Dax seeding business growth

Published on the 17/06/2010 | Written by Epicor Software Corporation

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  • C-Dax


  • Agriculture and Manufacturing


  • A single integrated manufacturing system
  • Correctly managed order taking and configuring equipment on the telephone
  • Planning and Scheduling of production
  • Logistics and procurement


  • COGITA and Epicor 9 ERP Manufacturing Software.


  • Improved order taking.
  • A centralised database containing all information will always be up to date.
  • Inventory of raw materials, parts and sub-assemblies will be up to date and accurate.


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When a company like C-Dax plans for business optimisation, the ERP manufacturing software needs to be able to facilitate those benefits...

Recently C-Dax chose Epicor’s ERP manufacturing software from COGITA to help manage their business growth as a result of the launch of the revolutionary Pasture Meter. This continues C-Dax’ endeavours to provide customers with innovative functional quality products.

Epicor’s manufacturing software will support business growth at C-Dax for NZ and international markets. From planning campaigns to managing resources in the factory and logistic requirements – everyone will benefit. Launching new products like the C-Dax Pasture Meter is just the start.

The Pasture Meter is proving indispensible to strategic farming operators by measuring pasture cover accurately, and consistently (200 measurements per second at up to 20kph). The Pasture Meter records data to calculate available feed, growth rates and pasture utilisation. In short; maximising farm production. The efficiency of production will be largely managed by the new Epicor ERP manufacturing software.

Greig Shearer, Managing Director, is over-the-moon. He says that Epicor ERP manufacturing software was chosen after extensive research. “It is intuitive and easy for everyone to understand. I have managed large corporate companies around the world – many of them would have done well with the Epicor ERP system”.


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