Water control now extends to information control for AWMA

Published on the 08/08/2011 | Written by Epicor Software Corporation

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  • AWMA Pty Ltd


  • Water control


  • An integrated business system with easy access to important data.


  • Epicor ERP with COGITA


  • Improved customer service
  • Meaningful information
  • Better inventory systems
  • Smooth financials


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Aussie water control solutions manufacturer AWMA has taken the pain out of internal processes from stocktaking to production reports, while improving customer management in the process...

AWMA Pty Ltd is an innovative water control solutions manufacturer and designer operating from Cohuna in country Victoria. They are a key player in major water infrastructure projects across Australia including the recent high profile desalination plant projects. They design, manufacture and install water control gates, penstocks and provide metering, telemetry monitoring and control infrastructure and support.

AWMA implemented Epicor ERP with COGITA in 2008, and have since experienced massive operational improvements along with a boosted bottom line.

Epicor ERP replaced Quickbooks, Excel and manual systems.

Working with COGITA, AWMA achieved the expected benefits delivered by the Epicor ERP system which were to improve job tracking and reduce data entry time, to allow better use of resources and increase efficiencies in their operations.

The biggest gains for AWMA have been realised from having one integrated system providing management with up to date commercial information. Previously, information was hard to find or simply didn’t exist.

Applications include:

  • Waste Water and Water Treatment
  • Channel Automation and Metering
  • Industrial Requirements
  • Storm Water Control
  • Spill Containment
  • Flood Mitigation
  • Sewage Transfer Systems
  • Water Distribution
  • Wetland and Environmental Regulation
  • Irrigation Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring & Control

The results

Improved customer service

  • AWMA are now able to service customers better because people responding to customer inquiries have easy, accurate access to information on status, progress and due dates.
  • Estimates are now faster to produce and more accurate. AWMA have more confidence in the estimate accuracy and are more responsive to client inquiries. Management know the true costs so are able to make sensible commercial decisions.

Meaningful information

  • Data is now much more up to date — all booked the same day — allowing timely decisions and analysis.
  • Project managers now spend less time trying to figure out the status of the project and more time dealing with issues and adding value.
  • Epicor ERP data allows fast, accurate post production review meanings. AWMA can identify areas to improve much more readily. Previously production used Excel — they never got all the data in time to act on it and the Excel review was never finished.
  • The production detail report is now the central source of data that AWMA uses to coordinate operational decisions.

Better inventory systems

  • Inventory levels have reduced. Planning used to be gut feel, visual and rule of thumb based, causing frequent excesses of materials. Now the planning process is consistent, transparent and predictable.
  • Stocktakes used to take 3 days and be a major pain — now they are completed painlessly in one day. Epicor ERP has allowed AWMA to introduce cycle counting which greatly improved inventory accuracy and helped identify three weeks out of four.
  • Inventory is now more accurate and timely. AWMA used to issue materials only after the job was shipped by reading from the drawing.

Smooth financials

  • Improved cash flow — AWMA are receiving payment earlier because Epicor ERP gives them the data needed to invoice sooner.
  • AR/AP can trust the information they are passed and get on and do their job rather than spend time trying to verify or find information.
  • Month end used to take three weeks — now it is done within a week.
  • Financial and Business Intelligence information has greatly improved — the work now goes into analysing rather than collecting the information.


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