Automation Benefits and Risks

Published on the 04/04/2019 | Written by Cincom

Automation benefits and risks webinar

Will automation result in a workforce paid to be on holiday?…

Being paid to be on holiday sounds great, but what about droves of unemployed dragging the economy down, and driving up your tax bill?
Automation, robots and artificial intelligence have become the subject of dinner party debate on what the future holds, but RPA* is in the here and now.
This webinar will help you form your own opinions on what is relevant for process automation in your business.
Learn how to:

  • Use cases for process automation (*ref note below)
  • Real lessons from implementing automation solutions
  • Key changes needed to roles and responsibilities
  • How automation in one area impacts others e.g. sales vs delivery

“If you automate service delivery, then your sales process had better be selling exactly what you’ve automated”

*This discussion focused on software-based automation, not mechanical factory robotics.

Paul JasniachPaul Jasniach – Digital Finance Lead, PwC Melbourne

Paul is one of PwCs global leaders in finance transformation, shared services, outsourcing and intelligent automation solutions having spent his career working with clients in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.



Garry Green Quanton

Garry Green
– Managing Director, Quanton, Auckland

Garry founded Quanton in 2016 and was instrumental in introducing RPA to the A/NZ market.  He has more than 25 years’ experience, across multiple sectors, helping organisations to transform.


Jim Wilson


Jim Wilson – Solution Director, Cincom Systems, Ohio

Jim has extensive involvement with enterprise software development. He works at the intersection of ERP and CRM to deliver sales performance improvements to complex product-based organisations.


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