AR Automation: The key to collecting payments faster

Published on the 16/09/2019 | Written by Esker

Esker_Getting your invoices paid faster

Even a small improvement in DSO can have a big impact on a business’s financial health…

What keeps CFOs tossing and turning at night? Cash flow is what. And when accounts receivable (AR) departments operate primarily through manual processes, collecting payments on time is especially challenging.

Simplifying customer payment with automation and an online portal directly translates to quicker payment.

This white paper comes equipped with five steps for driving down DSO and getting paid faster. It also explores the multitude of ways an AR automation solution can do exactly that by:

  • Providing end-to-end, real-time visibility into AR processes
  • Improving collections efficiency and staff productivity
  • Simplifying customer payment with online portals



Download the whitepaper: Five steps to getting paid (much) faster


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