Building a business case for AR automation

Published on the 07/11/2019 | Written by Esker

Business case for AR Automation

How to confront outdated processes and make your project a top priority…

Your project isn’t the only one vying for approval and budget dollars in the organisation. In order to create a clear and comprehensive business case for AR automation, AR and credit managers need to show how its benefits translate beyond just AR to the business as a whole.

The goal of this white paper is to empower accounts receivable (AR) and credit managers with the knowledge and strategies needed to make AR automation a reality. By better understanding how an automated solution works, AR and credit managers can more effectively persuade their organisation’s top decision makers to invest in one.

Before an AR automation project can hit the ground running, one critical hurdle must be cleared.

In this 14-page whitepaper, you’ll learn how and what to communicate to various key stakeholders.

Table of contents

  • The importance of persuasion
  • Why Automation Is a perfect fit for AR
  • Building your business case
  • Convincing the C-Suite and other members of executive management
  • Gaining the approval of AR team members
  • Selling AR Automation to sales
  • Conclusion



Download the whitepaper: Building a business case for AR automation





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