Automating the collections process

Published on the 02/08/2019 | Written by Esker

Automation of collection process

Reducing working capital to accelerate growth…

In recent years, the Working Capital Requirement (WCR) of companies appears to have stabilised throughout the world, despite an increase in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) in 2017. In Australia, several studies have shown that while Days Working Capital (DWC) has slightly decreased in 2018, it has remained in line with the long-term trend that the number of days it takes to convert sales into cash has grown. By improving their billing and collections process, businesses can improve their Working Capital (WC) and, as a result, free up cash to finance their development.

Emmanuel Olivier, Chief Operating Officer at Esker Worldwide gives his thoughts on:

  • What are the current issues related to working capital management?
  • What actions can businesses implement to better control their WCR?
  • Is debt collection the next step?
  • An approach facilitated by the use of an automated collections management solution

It’s time to put an end to tasks that don’t add value to your process.

Esker_Automating the collections processDownload and discover what actions can a business implement to better control their Working Capital Requirement. Free ebook: Automating the collections process


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