Who owns IT?: The CxO procurement conversation

Published on the 09/03/2015 | Written by iStart

IT investment used to be the sole preserve of the CIO, but recent research shows this is changing and CxOs and line managers are taking on a greater decision-making role…

Over the last year IDC’s research manager for IT services Adam Dodds based in New Zealand has charted the changing boardroom and executive conversation concerning technology procurement. And it is a conversation that has changed significantly as we move to digital-first business and cloud computing changes the procurement framework. Below are the questions that are now being asked in the more progressive boardrooms:

[NOTE: This infographic is part of a wider research feature looking at the psychology of IT procurement which featured in the Q1 2015 iStart magazine]

IT Procurement


Source: IDC studies including the NZ Ecosystem Study 2014; CIO roundtables; mobility, cloud and IT services surveys during the 2014 period; and the C-suite Survey 2014 which focused on CXOs



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