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CRM solutions are designed to maximise sales and marketing effectiveness as well as increasing customer satisfaction in an age where customers can interact with businesses in many new ways. As well as the traditional forms of interaction such as face-to-face contact with field sales staff or store attendants, customers may now contact an organisation through call centres, online stores, or email. In order to maximise each opportunity from a customer interaction, enterprises need to co-ordinate all of these customer ‘touch-points.’

By knowing all previous interactions and transactions that the company has had with any given customer, regardless of channel, and by delivering that information to front office staff in real-time, the next time that customer interacts with the company, the company will be in a position to both satisfy that customer on the one hand, and drive revenue by selling complementary services and products on the other.

CRM solutions provide for the functionality to be able to integrate these ‘touch-points’ and to analyse, process and report this information to front-line sales and marketing departments at each customer contact. Organisations gain a personalised, or unified, view of their customers, in order to better understand their customers unique demographics and create customer profiles to be used by the sales and marketing departments.

Some organisations that have re-engineered their CRM processes have reported spectacular revenue increases and reductions in the cost of sales, while other implementations have generated minimal gains or no improvements at all.

Experience has proven that any CRM  implementation project should be managed in a staged approach starting with core CRM functionality that addresses the most frustrating issues facing the support, sales and marketing departments, rather than management or enterprise-wide functionality. This approach ensures the vital involvement and buy-in of the end users of the system right from the outset. Additional enterprise-wide functionality will then be simpler to implement.



Warning issued on ASIC’s AustralianSuper action

Warning issued on ASIC’s AustralianSuper action

opinion-article |October 10, 2023 | Billy Loizou

Why identity resolution matters…

Five factors CCM uptake_Cincom Eloquence May23

Rising uptake on CCM

vendor-contribution |May 9, 2023 | Russ Townsend

The five factors driving growth in cx comms…

First party data_Amperity_Billy Loizou

First-party data a vital business asset

opinion-article |April 14, 2023 | Billy Loizou

Identifying and protecting the data you own…

Simon Kennedy_Foodstuffs

Switched on CDO: Simon Kennedy rings up CX

feature-article |July 21, 2021 | Heather Wright

Keeping business and IT aligned…

Digital Customer service

Digitising your comms

vendor-contribution |April 8, 2021 | Cincom

Getting a win-win-win outcome…

ROX buzzword_satisfy customer_PwC study

Your new performance metric: ROX

feature-article |April 10, 2019 | Jonathan Cotton

Another day, another nebulous business acronym, but this one may have some wisdom behind it…

Customer culture_Pivotal Software

If you think DX is about tech, you’re wrong

opinion-article |April 1, 2019 | Roz Gregory

Rethinking data, apps and staff choice…

New world order: Is it time for Internet 2.0?

feature-article |October 11, 2018 | Jonathan Cotton

Goodbye passwords, logins and data-hungry tech giants. The net’s future might just be on a USB…

AI meets CX: The ultimate test of…human patience?

feature-article |May 3, 2018 | Jonathan Cotton

The robot hordes are coming to manage the customer experience. Welcome to hell…

Why digital transformation must be value-led

feature-article |April 10, 2018 | Donovan Jackson

There’s a few things to note about succeeding with digital transformation…

Data to fund the Crusaders’ ‘Field of Dreams’

feature-article |March 23, 2018 | Hayden McCall

Follow-no-one Super Rugby franchise lesson in sports sponsorship…

Why CIOs must master the S-Curve

opinion-article |October 2, 2017 | Owen McCall

Thanks to Moore’s Law the S-Curves in technology are frighteningly short, writes Owen McCall…

Drop the ‘digital’ – these days it’s just ‘experience’

opinion-article |September 5, 2017 | Keith Buckley

An increased focus on digital requires your entire business to understand they have a role to play in enhancing user experience, writes Keith Buckley…

The ten habits of customer-centric digital organisations

opinion-article |September 4, 2017 | Olive Huang

Technology innovation offers organisations new opportunities to engage with customers as they build a digital business, writes Olive Huang…

‘Democratised data’ drives customer awareness

feature-article |March 10, 2017 | Donovan Jackson

Customers expect to engage and receive resolution for issues from any device, anytime and anywhere…

Enably drives customer success

vendor-contribution |November 28, 2016 | Newsdesk

Fast-growing Australian lender implements omnichannel solution for improved customer service…

The fun and games of sales gamification

feature-article |October 13, 2016 | Newsdesk

Making a game of your sales effort is not something to be toyed with…

Whitepaper: How to elevate sales team performance

research-articles |October 13, 2016 | CSO Insights

The Sales Relationship/Process matrix (SRP) is a proven method to measure and improve sales performance…

Microsoft’s giant step forward for enterprise SaaS

feature-article |October 12, 2016 | Donovan Jackson

Big reveal for ‘as-a-service’ applications with built-in intelligence…

Intergen Digital Transformation

Digital transformation: A guide for Kiwi business

research-articles |April 19, 2016 | Intergen

Kiwi companies can take some easy steps to get on the path toward digital transformation [Register to download]…

Creating a smarter IT service desk

opinion-article |October 6, 2015 | Branko Bugarski

IT service desks can be tough places to work, writes Branko Bugarski, but with the addition of data analysis, collaboration and a ticketless approach, things can be improved…

C-Suite soup: Win with actions, not titles

opinion-article |August 18, 2015 | Owen McCall

Every function, discipline and sub-discipline aspires to be in the C-Suite, says Owen McCall. But it is outcomes and not titles that count…

Air New Zealand: The tech company with planes

feature-article |August 13, 2015 | Donovan Jackson

Think Air New Zealand is an airline? Well, yes it is, but according to CIO Julia Raue, it needs to be an experience-led digital social company to get the competitive edge…

Urgently required: a department of the customer

opinion-article |July 7, 2015 | Gerry McGovern

Focused on sales and marketing, most companies don’t advocate for their customers, argues customer experience expert Gerry McGovern. He makes the case for a department of the customer…

The psychology of IT procurement

feature-article |March 12, 2015 | Clare Coulson

Investing in a core piece of business technology is a big decision and advances in cloud technology mean the purchasing rules are changing. Clare Coulson unravels the technology procurement conversation…

Five steps to identify the right software development pathway

opinion-article |March 11, 2015 | Lizann Gohring

Chief Operating Officer, North America at DXC Technology, Lizann Gohring, takes you through the five key steps to determine the level of development for your business…

BPM and the process of processification

feature-article |January 1, 2015 | Donovan Jackson

For decades in business software, processes have played second fiddle to the demands of the company accountant. Now a process-centric revolution is taking place. Donovan Jackson explains…

Microsoft roadmap

Dynamics core to Microsoft NZ growth plans

research-articles |July 21, 2014 | Clare Coulson

At Microsoft’s Partner Awards held earlier this year the company confirmed that it sees Dynamics as a core growth pillar for the New Zealand business over the next three years…


Who is handling your data?

opinion-article |July 17, 2014 | Brenda Aynsley

With data privacy a hot topic at present, Brenda Aynsely of the Australian Computer Society asks how to keep data safe…

Finger on the customer pulse

Finger on the pulse – measuring customer sentiment

feature-article |June 19, 2014 | Anthony Doesburg

Successful businesses today must continually take the pulse of their varied customer base and respond to their wants and needs. And what better way to do this than with the plethora of cloud-based, affordable and accessible tools on the market for just that purpose? But which to choose? And why?…

Does marketing automation deliver on promises?

feature-article |September 19, 2013 | Anthony Doesburg

As the lines between marketing, sales and service blur ‘smarketing’ is the way forward. Anthony Doesburg investigates this blend of sales and marketing and asks if the tools are delivering on their promise, or are they just more marketing puffery?…

2013 iStart ICT Investment Intentions Survey

research-articles |September 9, 2013 | Hayden McCall

Mobilising management is the key objective of IT investment plans for 2013 says iStart’s annual investment survey. The mid-market is investing in mobile business intelligence while small business is doing more with less in the cloud.

CRM automation: efficiency versus effectiveness

opinion-article |June 18, 2013 | Praveen Sengar

Gartner analyst Praveen Sengar says you need to judge sales tools by their impact on sales success, not the cost of sale…

Four tips for happier customers

research-articles |August 9, 2012 | MYOB

Customer relationships have never been more important, but how well are you managing yours?…

14 things your CRM system could be telling you about your customer (but probably isn’t)

feature-article |May 29, 2012 | Jonathan Cotton

CRM software is about as crucial as it gets when it comes to managing your sales activities. But while it may be crucial, it’s hardly sexy, and therefore it’s something of a ‘set-and-forget’ piece of tech…

The customer is king

The customer is king

feature-article |May 7, 2011 | Jess Maria

In a world spoiled for choice, customer service sorts the good from the great and has become the differentiator that matters most and these days, there’s no hiding behind the fob off…

Social CRM: Hype or Holy Grail

feature-article |April 15, 2010 | Graham Medcalf

Social CRM is the new buzz-phrase. But what does it mean and, more importantly, what can it do for your business? Graham Medcalf investigates…

Beyond CRM: Location intelligence

feature-article |April 24, 2009 | Phil Parent

Putting your customers on the map, using the newer GIS and GPS services, will help you find them – and sell the right products to the right people…




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